Building environments that allow every person to plan their future and work towards a better society. IECD aspires to build favorable environments where each person has the opportunity to reveal their talents. We want to create a promising environment and favorable conditions that enable people who are willing to act efficiently on a social, professional, and institutional level to achieve their goals


Empowering people in human and economic development that train the responsible citizens of tomorrow. We are convinced that people who are well trained on academic, technical, social and human level will build a future for themselves, their families, and their community.


IECD is a French international development organization that was created in 1988. It implements development projects in 13 countries. Education and vocational training are at the core of IECD teams’ actions, convinced that these are the keys to human development. IECD’s mission is to promote development by strengthening peoples’ capacities and those of local partners. IECD has been involved in the local development of Syria since August 2008 with various activities which include vocational training for vulnerable youth, entrepreneurship training & seed funding grants, Life Skills and Protection. In addition to other social development projects to empower the youth (IDPS and local community) to be active citizens in their communities. IECD is in a partnership agreement with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) to work with adolescents in its vocational training centers to offer them vocational training, life skills and psycho-social support

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