An aware and sustainable world where environment is not taken for granted.


In a plastic world... We chose to start making a change! We, a group of five members between the age of 14-21 believe in the power of small changes, and have a vision of a world in which art is a mean to raise awareness and in which man and nature are one and healthy. .... So we have decided to refuse living in this plastic world and start working on creating the world which we dream of... A world where man is caring and is not careless when it comes to the consequences that his actions have on the environment.... We saw our planet as our home... We saw it's creatures as our friends and we have chosen to be on their side... To fight their battle and to take care of them the same way they do of us. We have chosen to use art to raise awareness about the SDGs and the environmental problem and how it impacts us and our psychological state. We are just starting our first project ECOpera.

  • Founded on: 2020-01-03 00:00:00
  • Category: Social
  • Stage : Prototyping
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