To strengthen the Syrian economy through the development of an innovative, vibrant and confident private sector business community, progressing the level of companies, and supporting institutions to be capable of successfully competing in home and international markets. This will be achieved through providing direct in-depth support to our clients, contribution to national policy relevant to business development and by encouraging the evolution of a business environment in Syria that is enabling and supportive.


To be the driving force, and an innovative leader, for the Syrian business community in its bid to compete successfully in the global marketplace.


SEBC has about 25-year experience by virtue of being originally founded in 1996 as a fully-funded EU programme (the Syrian-European Business Centre – 1996- 2006) and then transformed based on an international agreement between the EC Commission and the government of Syria into national non-governmental implementation agency for EU and other donor programmes aimed at spurring the growth of the Syrian economy, with special focus on the business community in general and SMEs in particular, as well as, supporting social entrepreneurs and projects in various sectors. Acting as a catalyst for business, institutional and organizational development.

  • Founded on: 2006-01-01 00:00:00
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