Spreading and publishing stories about youth experience in building peace in their communities so that we encourage other youth worldwide to take action in peacebuilding process.


We deeply believe that I we want to make a change we should start from ourselves, thus we had many conversations getting to know each other, discovering that diverse backgrounds and cultures don’t really divide but gather people when managed correctly, and by knowing each other more we could understand more that all the problems are worth fighting for equally and none of them is more important than the other. By Sharing these stories through our platform we give that chance for everyone watching us to go through this experience that will eventually lead him to appreciate the diversities and understand that all the problems are equally important


This project started as a group of young people sharing perspectives through an Erasmus Virtual Exchange about peace building and wanting to spread stories and take action to build more peace. The account is the result of our discussion and work.

  • Founded on: 2020-05-03
  • Category: Social
  • Stage : Testing and working

<p>We are 12 member from different backgrounds and countries, most of us are studying abroad and communicating with different societies and diversities.</p>

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