About Us


SEERS aspires to take a leading role in engaging syrian social enterprises within a vital digital community to shape a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem


SEERS is a project designed to identify core and innovative learning of a digital community that best encourages, inspires, and supports successful social enterprises and entrepreneurs through a life-long learning journey from finding best practice, case studies, lessons learnt that will accelerate their growth, encourage their collaboration and expand their future opportunities.

We aim to build a digital platform to make it an environment in which entrepreneurship is supported and promoted by a team of key actors playing vital roles as training providers, inspirational models, mentors, possible investors, network facilitators and other feeders.


  • Build a sustainable digital community for Syrian Entrepreneurs
  • Make an open space for Syrian Youth to exchange opportunities, ideas and experience
  • Enhance the process of connecting multi-stakeholders in order to foster knowledge sharing process

Our Features

We are aiming to bridge the gap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem by

Startup Profils

A place that gathers all social enterprise and helps them build exposure for their brand. Profile includes info, team members, projects, gallery, etc...

Startup Journeys

Keep track with all startups and how they developed from one stage to another

Startup Evaluations

Get a project evaluation that not only answers your queries but also helps you make connections and give you social stimulus to interact.

Success Story

Highlights best practices emerging on entrepreneurship, finds a wide research and comparison for lessons learnt.


We collect all the learning elements that could be useful for the entrepreneurship community.


Have the chance to meet and collaborate with potential partners.


Finding a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective by asking your most burning startup problems as well as garner meaningful feedback.


Matches startups and entrepreneurs with expert mentors.


Helps beginners and experienced entrepreneurs raise funding for startups, investment projects and existing businesses by presenting the startup to the private sector investors.

Join our Creative Online Society

Join the first vibrant digital startup ecosystem for Syrian Startups and Entrepreneurs that help attracts and retain talent to drive their growth.