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We are aiming to bridge the gap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem by


Build your Startup Profile and we will be your success partners within your journey by evaluating your creative solution.


We give the space to exchange success stories, materials, and opportunities for startups.


You are going to be connecting with experts who offer Advisory, Mentorship, and Investing opportunities for startups.

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Join the first vibrant digital startup ecosystem for Syrian Startups and Entrepreneurs that help attracts and retain talent to drive their growth.

Discover SEERS

SEERS is a project designed to identify core and innovative learning of a digital community that best encourages, inspires, and supports successful social enterprises and entrepreneurs through a life-long learning journey from finding best practice, case studies, lessons learnt that will accelerate their growth, encourage their collaboration and expand their future opportunities.

We aim to build a digital platform to make it an environment in which entrepreneurship is supported and promoted by a team of key actors playing vital roles as training providers, inspirational models, mentors, possible investors, network facilitators and other feeders.

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Innovation: Innovation is the magic wand for Startups that let them grow and stay in the right track as leading successful startup


Trust: The core of successful work is to build strong relationships with Partners, Without the trust you loss them forever.


Caring: build a caring society that helps innovative thinkers together to establish the right environment for how we care for each other.

YLP Regional

The Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) has built one of the most dynamic networks of young people in the Arab region, employing tools of innovation for sustainable development impact. The youth in the Arab states face many challenges related to their economic, political and social integration in to their societies. Over 60 % of the population in the Arab states is under the age of 30, and one third are between 24 and 29 years of age. These youth present a great, untapped potential for driving development and change in the region.

YLP Syria

UNDP Syria CO has been implementing Youth Leaderships Programme YLP since its beginning in the Region. Youth participation and partnerships have been growing since then and now in 2020, the sixth round of YLP launched with the participation of 100 youth and 20 partners from 6 different governates. Since Syrian youth are the cornerstone of the program success and due to their tremendous efforts and contribution to the programme and their society, the activities of the YLP Syria Plan have been developing notably since its beginning.

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